Looking for something?

I try to tag almost everything that I post based on fandom, character(s) involved, etc.

My most common tags are:

I tag spoilers as “[movie/show/game/etc.] spoilers” and will usually make a post about it before I start to reblog things. I will usually stop tagging spoilers about a week after the release unless otherwise specified or if someone requests I continue.

For specific triggers, I tag:

  • tw rape
  • tw abuse
  • blood
  • gore

If you wish I tag something under a different tag (or if you would like me to tag anything for you) please let me know! I try very hard to tag triggers and if I slip up don’t hesitate to tell me!

As far as my blacklist goes the only thing I really need people to tag is fire/burns!! I don’t care if you don’t tag anything below but please please please tag fire (especially in cases of people, houses, and forests on fire) and burns (especially severe burns on peoples’ faces). Simply tagging them as “fire” and “burns” will do. Thank you very much!

I can deal with the rest of these things but I would appreciate it if you tagged:

  • Doctor Who/dr who/dw
  • Homestuck/hs
  • Sherlock
  • Shingeki no Kyojin/snk/Attack on Titan/aot
  • Free!
  • Hetalia
  • Dangan Ronpa/dr
  • Rooster Teeth/rt
  • RedvsBlue/rvb
  • Kill la Kill/klk
  • Carcar (Carlos/Carver)
  • Cluke (Clementine/Luke)
  • NSFW

I’ll add your variation if you use a different tag for any of the above. Again while I would appreciate all of the above to be tagged, I will usually only unfollow for excessive fire/burn posts. Thanks for your understanding!