About Me

i’m gonna be the person markiplier believes i can be

hey friend my name is Emily, i’m seventeen and i like making people happy

sometimes i think about nick from twdg and my heart does the sad emoji

cis with she/her pronouns

panromantic asexual (special thanks to arie and skip and audrey for helpin me out with that one)


gonna be a zoologist probably

i really like drawing but i post very little art because my tablet does not like working and i don’t have any means of getting decent pictures of things i draw on paper.

the walking dead game is kind of my life it’s embarrassing tbh

i have really bad jealousy problems and i would like to take this time to apologize if you ever try to talk to me i get really clingy and i’m sorry

i also respond to messages really slowly so please don’t think i’m ignoring you, i just don’t like replying when i’m not enthusiastic about what i’m saying and sometimes it takes me a bit!

this lovely person pretty much makes the world go round and this is the best thing since garlic bread

i like most types of music but my favorite bands are fun. and anadel and my favorite singers are jónsi and michael jackson

movies are great and my favorites are how to train your dragon (1&2), howl’s moving castle, the lion king, tangled, megamind, and a bunch more

i absolutely love animals especially cats, giraffes, goats, insects, and dragons

i don’t watch lots of tv except for whose line is it anyway?, my little pony, and supernatural kind of not so much anymore

videogames are my life and i cannot shut up about the walking dead game. i also really like electronic super joy, portal 1&2, team fortress 2, pokemon, animal crossing, and ty the tasmanian tiger. i don’t watch a whole bunch of let’s players aside from markiplier.

i also love scott porter lots and i talk about him too much

so yeah expect to see all of the above pop up on my dash along with dumb personal posts and bad humor

please let me know if i forget to tag something! a list of my tags can be found here and if you’d like me to tag something just send me an ask! Anon or not, I won’t publish anything, and if you’re on anon and I don’t respond feel free to send me another ask if my tags page is not updated!

now please enjoy my quote wall filled with the mysterious workings of my friends’ minds

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